Rising from the ashes..!


January 2016


This is young INDIA, transforming India


Proverb to keep always in mind..

Tides of uncertainty..

This is the photo taken at harnai beach, Dapoli, Maharashtra, India. We in Maharashtra have a folk music type called कोळी गीत (fishermen songs). famous song in this type says, "कोळ्याचा धंदा हाय जीवा- उदारी.." it means, the job of... Continue Reading →

Photo Challenge : Optimistic

Rains washed everything away but moving out of the Comfort zone and starting fresh is what OPTIMISM is all about. Optimistic

एकदिवसीय देशप्रेम…

तिरंगा आहे तिथेच आहे. तो पडल्याने त्याचा अपमान होणार नाहीये, पण पायदळी येऊ देऊ नका....

Knitting it together..

..and this is how the knitting of old and new techniques happens.

the B&W bliss…

Whatever may be the location. whatever may be the colors. This is the best combination we could have  

Everybody up for a photo..!

I was going for a office tour to the beautiful HARNAI BEACH via this lovely GHAT region which had such a lovely landscape and guess what? When I was about to take pictures these folks arrived and gave me this... Continue Reading →

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